Our Ethos

Direct Feeds Australia is here as a resource for both long time dairy farmers or someone who wants to make the venture into dairy, either conventional or organic.
We are very passionate about the dairy space and what opportunities lie ahead.

Our Services

Direct Feeds Australia creates value for our suppliers and customers to make their practices more sustainable and their business’ more profitable.

Our Products

With our quality probiotic products, Direct Feeds Australia is a leader in the dairy industry. We work with an industry leading nutritionist who helps formulate quality products and service our customers.

“We could notice a real difference in our calves rumen development and their ability to get onto the grain and hay a lot quicker than normal. We also had no scours, which was a big plus for us.” (Supermoo)

Kim Watson, reared 200 calves

“It was so easy to mix with water and or with milk.” (Supermoo)

Ryan Lawless, reared 160 calves

“ Certainly a good product. I’d buy it again.” (Supermoo)

Russell Gillie, reared 100 calves